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Criminal Court Proceedings
Illegal Drugs
DUI, DWI & Drunk Driving
Traffic Violations
Sex Crimes & Prostitution
Domestic Violence
Protection Orders
Expunging / Sealing Criminal Records
Jails & Prisons

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Criminal Proceedings

How NOT to get Arrested - Should you cooperate wit h the police and go to the police station to give a statement?

Do You Need to Hire a Criminal Lawyer for Your Arraignment or Bail Hearing?

How the Criminal Justice System Works


Illegal Drugs

Drug Crimes

Federal Drug Crimes

How to get arrested with drugs in the car

Inmates Using Drugs in Jail

Crack Cocaine


DUI, DWI & Drunk Driving

How Much Will a DUI Arrest Cost?

Women & Alcohol

What's in a drink and the size of the drink matters

BAC - How drunk are you?

Breathalyzer Errors & False Positives

How to spot a DWI driver

How to spot a DWI driver after police stop

List of DUI-DWI Identification Cues

FAA Alcohol & Drug Rules for Pilots

FAA Reporting Requirements for Pilots Arrested for DUI, DWI, or Any Drunk Driving Violation

SR22 Insurance for DUI Convictions

DUI Videos

Funny DUI Videos


Traffic Violations

Do you need to go to court for your traffic ticket?

Don't ignore your traffic ticket

What to Do When an Arrest Warrant Is Issued for Your Failure to Appear in Court for a Traffic Ticket

How to get pulled over by the police & how to get arrested when driving

Is it really possible to avoid points on your driver's license by overpaying your speeding ticket fine?

Police Car License Plate Scanner Computer Reader

Driving While Texting Tickets

Move Over Law

Traffic Ticket Email Scam



How to Know When You Are Committing Fraud


Sex Crimes & Prostitution

Prostitution Videos & John Videos


Domestic Violence

First Use of the Battered Woman Syndrome Defense


Protection Orders

Sale, Purchase & Possession of Guns & Brady Indicators



How to Expunge Your Criminal Record


Jails & Prisons

What is the difference between a jail and a prison?



"Fellow Officer" Rule

Does the "Fellow Officer" Rule Apply to Auxiliary Police Officers?

Does Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (LEOSA) HR 218 permit an Auxiliary Police Officer carry a concealed firearm?

What is the "Twinkie Defense"?

Northwest Airlines Pilots License Revoked

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