Direct Mail Marketing for Criminal Lawyers
Have you been arrested?  Find a criminal lawyer

Direct Mail Advantage

Direct Mail Marketing Guide For Lawyers

Direct mail is a very effective method of marketing your criminal law practice to people who have just been arrested, particularly for DUI and DWI.  There are two great ways to use direct mail.  1) Sending direct mail letters advertising your criminal defense services to people arrested for DUI and DWI; 2) Sending birthday cards and greeting cards  to current and former clients.

Defendants usually receive letters from 30 or more criminal lawyers after they are arrested.  But letters usually take 2-3 days to be delivered.

Imagine if your letter was received by a criminal defendant in just one day.  If a criminal defendant received your letter in one day and received 15 more letters the day after yours and another 15 letters two days after yours, which lawyer do you think would have the best shot at retaining the client?  You could retain clients before they receive 30 letters from other criminal lawyers.

Depending upon the number of DUI and DWI arrests in your market, if you deliver your letters one or two days before your competition, you could increase your income by 6 figures.

But how do you do that without spending tens of thousands of dollars for overnight mail via FedEx at a cost of approximately $20 each?  Imagine if your letters could be delivered by overnight mail for the cost of first-class postage.  That's affordable!

When you exclusively license 1-888-DRUG-CRIMES for 12 months for your criminal practice (starting at $4.95 per month, per county), you will receive Direct Mail Advantage showing you in 5 real easy steps how to send your mail, for the cost of 1st class postage, so people will almost always receive it the next day.  You will also get my tips telling you what you need to have in your direct marketing letters.

This one simple tip to deliver your direct mail marketing with "next day delivery" to potential DUI & DWI clients, can increase your criminal law practice income by 6 figures!

Of course, you will also get more clients by branding 1-888-DRUG-CRIMES and from your exclusive listing at

Your vanity phone number license and attorney directory website listing for your exclusive territory is assignable, so you can build your own brand and sell your license at a profit when you retire.  You get to keep 100% of your profit without having to pay any transfer fees.  Want to own your territory?  You can also buy your territory for a one time payment.

If you have been arrested, find a criminal lawyer