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News Anchor Tolly Carr DUI Videos

Full story of Tolly Carr's DWI crash, arrest and his having killed Casey Bokhaven including timeline from March 11 to day before Aug 13 hearing. 

DWI morning co-anchor Tolly Carr tells how he went from Prince to pauper and asks for money because "I'm in a situation now where... we need money, we need everything because this is a tough battle that I have to fight...  He seems real upset over the fact that he just killed someone!

Carr's mother talks about visiting him in jail

Outside judge from New Hanover County brought in WXII 12

Outside roving judge brought in for Carr's hearing.

Blood alcohol content of .13 announced and the charges he faces - Fox 8

Drunk WXII morning co-anchor indicted - to appear in court next month - Fox 8

The whole story including possible DUI defense tactics posed by his criminal defense lawyers and his mother says she is still proud of him.

Prosecutor explains that they requested the blood alcohol level to be sealed and not released to the public so that Carr would be assured a fair trial and the prosecution would not be jeopardized.  Carr's DUI lawyers said they appreciated the prosecution's request but said they wanted to release the political level to the public anyway (that was a good defense tactic).

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