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The days of driving with a suspended license, revoked license or without a license, no insurance, expired registration or expired inspection are over!  Police departments, both large and small are installing license plate cameras on police cars. 

The license plate scanners which can run thousands of license plates per minute through a computer are so successful that you can expect to see them on every police car soon.  They have been largely successful in two ways:

1) They result in capturing wanted criminals and increase compliance with motor vehicle laws; and

2) They bring in substantial revenue by increasing the number of summonses issued and will pay for themselves many times over.

In addition to ending minor vehicle violations, license plate camera scanners can easily and quickly discover stolen cars, stolen trucks, vehicles which are the subject of Amber Alerts, collection of delinquent fines and penalties for outstanding violations, collection of delinquent vehicle taxes and registration fees, and even terrorist interdiction.

The Mobile Plate Hunter-900 (MPH-900) license plate scanner which is now being used on many police cars.  The license plate scanner consists of two cameras which can scan 3,600 license plates per minute.    The scanner can read license plates of oncoming cars with a combined approach speed of 120 miles an hour and can even scan license plates from an altitude of 1,500 feet, so it can be used from stationery poles and helicopters.

The computer compares license plates with millions of license plates in DMV and police records and within milliseconds notifies the police officer with an audible alarm and voice identification of the reason to stop the car. 

The license plate camera will check license plates listed on the computer for various offenses including stolen cars, stolen license plates, expired registration, expired inspection, expired insurance and other violations. 

The license plate scanner is so good that it keeps police officers very busy and it is unlikely that it would be used for outstanding parking violations, at least in major metropolitan areas.  Police officers have told me that it keeps them so busy that they have to turn it off at times.


See ELSAG North America's (the manufacturer) website page for the Mobile Plate Hunter-900 (MPH-900) license plate scanner 

A record of license plates scanned is kept and can later be reviewed to determine the location of a car which may have been used in a crime.  For instance, if a license plate is known for a vehicle used during the commission of a crime such as a bank robbery, murder or kidnapping, the license plate can be instantly searched through the scanned license plate records of an entire fleet of police cars to see if the car can be located.

If you find yourself caught in a license plate camera scanner, find a good Criminal Lawyer 

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