Popcorn Defense for Florida Movie Shooter?

Popcorn defense? Really? Did the Florida movie shooter, upset at someone texting who threw popcorn at him, really think the popcorn was a weapon? The “stand your ground” defense wouldn’t apply here anyway but everyone is missing the real issue. There are criminal defense lawyers and prosecutors all over TV discussing... Read more of this article

Why Jodi Arias Thought She Could Lie & Get Away With It

Jody Arias said “no jury will ever convict me”.  She was confident because she was confident of her ability to lie and get away with it. People who lie start with small lies early on and just keep going.  It’s amazing what people will believe.  I’ve seen people lie about things that are impossible to believe... Read more of this article

Angel of Death nurse murdered 30-40 people without a gun

Charles Cullen ‘The Angel of Death’ nurse who murdered 30-40 people, said on 60 Minutes when asked why he killed people who weren’t suffering, that he felt overwhelmed at times. I believe in addition to his reported desire for control, that he just found an easy way to lighten his work load for the day. Charles Cullen... Read more of this article

Florida Sheriff posts sexual predator road signs

Florida Sheriff Gordon Smith of Bradford County, Florida began posting public warning signs in front of homes of convicted rapists and child molesters. The large reflective red road signs outside the homes of sexual predators display the following message: PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to F.S. 775.21 First Last Name is a convicted Sexual Predator and... Read more of this article

Help Get Ryan Ferguson a New Trial

Watching 48 hours, I was appalled at the decision to deny a new trial for Ryan Ferguson.  The decision allowing Ryan’s conviction to stand rests solely on the testimony of Chuck Erickson which was proven by the police interrogation video not only to be unreliable but also showed that Chuck Erickson had no knowledge of the crime he thought he... Read more of this article

Google Glass Could Help Solve Crimes Soon

Google Glass will take photos of everything the wearer sees and Google is working on making what you see searchable. Once Google Glass becomes popular, it’s inevitable that users will, not infrequently, capture video of perpetrators committing crimes. But Google is also working on making what you see searchable during your life... Read more of this article

Gun Control or Control Gunmen?

After the horrible shooting at the movie theater showing the Batman premier, there is a lot of talk by the media and politicians about gun-control. Assault rifles are again discussed because the gunman was a “normal” person without a criminal history and legally purchased his guns. The obvious answer is to ban assault weapons... Read more of this article

Is It a Crime to Imprison and Torture Disabled Students in the US?

I suppose the legality of torturing anyone, let alone disabled students, depends upon the definition of torture. But apparently the law doesn’t consider what was done in the video below to be torture or illegal.  By any reasonable person’s viewpoint, the video certainly appears to be showing a disabled student being tortured... Read more of this article

Dead or Alive!

You’re dead (but not if you pay me money). That’s what the scam email I just received said. The email came from a killer who claimed to have been paid a “ransom” in advance, by someone I call a friend, to terminate (kill) me for some undisclosed reason and warned me not to call the police. The hit man who was... Read more of this article

Traffic Ticket Scam

I just received a traffic ticket scam email. I receive scam emails every day but this is the first time I’ve seen one telling me that I received a speeding ticket violation and provided a link to enter a plea. I have no idea what’s on the other end of the link in the e-mail because I didn’t want to find out but it... Read more of this article

Are You Receiving Threatening Calls from the DEA, FBI or Police Demanding Money?

Nightline aired a story about people who have purchased drugs online and later received threatening phone calls from someone claiming to be a DEA agent, FBI agent, police officer or detective. The fake agent will accuse you of ordering drugs illegally and offer a deal or a plea bargain for you to pay a civil penalty and avoid going... Read more of this article

Was Trayvon Martin’s Killing Racial?

I don’t think Trayvon Martin’s killing was racist.  George Zimmerman may have stereotyped attitudes about blacks but I have not seen any evidence that he hated or even disliked blacks. The difference is a matter of ignorance versus ignorance together with other mental factors causing hatred, the latter often leading to... Read more of this article

Neighborhood Watch Shooter Not Arrested in Florida

Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old Black high school junior of Miami Gardens, was allegedly pleading for help when he was shot by George Zimmerman, a criminal justice student who was licensed to carry a firearm and volunteered for neighborhood watch duty. Trayvon Martin was on his way home from a store where he went to purchase Skittles... Read more of this article

Should a Criminal Conviction Prevent Enlisting in the Military?

While watching “Dead Men Talking – Final Exit” on MSNBC, I saw the tragic story of 19-year-old Ryan Sadowski who committed suicide by hanging after becoming more and more despondent. He had a criminal history with several convictions but tried to turn his life around by enlisting in the Marines. After several postponements... Read more of this article

A Few Days in a Hotel in Exchange for Two Years in Prison

How many days in a hotel would you want for two years in prison?  Not enough?  How about some Tiffany jewelry to wear for a few days? California roommates, one a paralegal and the other an elementary school teacher, may have wanted just a little bit more.  Possibly a private jet to fly to New York City, five rooms at the Marriott... Read more of this article

Conrad Murray Will Likely Get The Max

Dr. Conrad Murray will likely get the maximum sentence for the death of Michael Jackson because of the following reasons: The deceased is Michael Jackson. Providing propofol as a sleeping aid was unconscionable. Providing propofol as a sleeping aid without the proper medical equipment and without constant medical supervision is beyond... Read more of this article

Amanda Knox-witch trial?

In an appeals court in Italy, prosecutors asked the jury in their closing argument to keep in mind the victim and to imagine themselves in the shoes of her mother. Apparently, that’s more important than any evidence against Amanda Knox. Let’s just convict anyone to get some measure of justice for the victim. It doesn’t... Read more of this article

Should Troy Davis be Executed?

Troy Davis is yet another example of a death penalty conviction obtained with circumstantial evidence. The death penalty should never be allowed to be sought or applied in a trial where the conviction is based on circumstantial evidence. While errors occur when a verdict is based upon circumstantial evidence, errors are compounded because... Read more of this article

Videotaping Death by Execution

For probably only the second time in history, the death by execution of a convicted prison inmate was videotaped. But don’t bother to look for the execution videotape on YouTube because the videotape was sealed by the court. Convicted murderer Andrew Grant DeYoung was videotaped for future court arguments to show that the execution... Read more of this article

New Death Penalty Rules Could Make It Fair

Since the cost of housing and appeals to execute a prisoner can exceed the cost of housing a prisoner for life, retribution is really the only viable reason for keeping the death penalty.  I am definitely in favor of retribution and believe that family members should be entitled to exact their measure of revenge.  However, I do struggle... Read more of this article

I Was Just Kidding – The Cornell Hazing

George Desdunes was a promising student at Cornell University with the intention of going to medical school and becoming a doctor.  George was also a member of the SAE fraternity at Cornel when he was allegedly kidnapped by freshmen “pledges” during a hazing ritual. Allegedly, George was kidnapped, blindfolded, had his... Read more of this article

First Use of the Battered Woman Syndrome Defense

Mrs. Angelina Napolitano of Sault Ste. Marie was convicted and condemned to death by hanging on August 9, 1911 for the murder of her husband, Pietro Napolitano.  Mrs. Napolitano, who had four children and was pregnant at age 29, struck her abusive husband several times with an axe on April 16, 1911.  Her trial has been portrayed as... Read more of this article

You Can’t Drive and Talk on a Cell Phone, but Can You Send a Text Message?

After many accidents because of people talking on cell phones, states quickly enacted laws making it a violation to drive while talking on your handheld cell phone. The laws prohibited talking on a handheld cell phone, but did not prohibit using a handheld cell phone and many drivers began sending text messages while driving. According... Read more of this article

How to Know When You’re about to Commit Fraud Or Similar Crime

Sometimes it’s not so obvious to know if you’re about to commit a crime.  I know this because at least once a month, someone tells me about what they thought was a great idea until I tell them it’s illegal. I’ve been approached with real estate deals which involved committing mortgage fraud upon various banks... Read more of this article

Can I Go to Jail for a Parking Ticket?

Can you go to jail for a parking ticket? What about going to jail for a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt? I have a friend who found out how to go to jail for not wearing his seat belt.  Here’s what happened.  My friend was issued a ticket for not wearing his seat belt.  The seat belt ticket was the equivalent of a parking... Read more of this article

Can I Go to Jail for Owing Money?

Can you be arrested for owing money?  The Wall Street Journal is reporting a surge in arrests of people who owe money for various debts.  The WSJ reported that judges have signed off on more than 5,000 such warrants since the start of 2010 in just nine counties! People have been arrested from owing money on credit cards to owing money... Read more of this article

Lindsay Lohan Video Shows the Crucial Moment

A third segment of the Lindsay Lohan jewelry store video aired on TV tonight which showed Lindsay leaving the store, the crucial moment of the jewelry store video. The following can be seen in this last segment of the video: Lindsay picks up the necklace from the counter; Lindsay puts on the necklace; The jewelry store clerk opens... Read more of this article

Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Store Surveillance Video – Good or Bad?

After Lindsay Lohan decided not to accept a plea bargain, the jewelry store sold the surveillance video which was played on TV tonight. Lawyers retained by various TV shows are viewed as to whether the jewelry store video would be good or bad for Lindsay Lohan. Some lawyers have argued that because Lindsay Lohan was seen receiving... Read more of this article

Someone Else Stole the Car First

I was just watching COPS and although I’ve seen it a hundred times, I’m always amazed at the compulsion people have to explain what they did. Even though countless TV shows and movies show criminal lawyers telling their clients not to say anything, and police officers say “you have a right to remain silent”,... Read more of this article

Cross Gender Strip Search Ruled Unconstitutional

Inmates of jails and prisons are often subject to strip searches during their incarceration. A federal appeals court (the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit) held that a non-emergency strip search of a male inmate performed by a female corrections officer, who is not a medical staff member, is unreasonable and unconstitutional.... Read more of this article

Disclosing Website Vulnerabilities with the Threat of Criminal Prosecution

Another website vulnerability with the threat of criminal prosecution has been in the news. It appears that Goatse Security disclosed that AT&T’s website made the email addresses of iPad owners public by displaying the email address associated with a user if anyone correctly guessed and entered a valid username. The Wall Street... Read more of this article

Familial DNA Could Be Coming to Your State Soon

Familial DNA may have just cracked the Grim Sleeper serial killer case in Los Angeles, leading to the arrest of Lonnie Franklin alleged to have killed at least 10 women and one male. Currently, familial DNA is only legal in California and Colorado but with a stunning early success in the Grim Sleeper serial killer case, familial DNA... Read more of this article

Were You Arrested & Filmed on COPS?

I was watching COPS and saw a segment where a girl was stopped for possible DUI. The police pulled her over, approached her vehicle and told her to get out of the car. They did not smell any alcohol on her breath and suspected that she might be on drugs. The police officer asked her if she had taken any drugs and she said that she... Read more of this article

Does Fear of Profiling Cause Reverse Profiling?

Good intentions to avoid profiling or fear of being accused of profiling can result in reverse profiling with devastating effects. Consider this about Nigerian Delta Airlines bombing suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: Abdulmutallab was denied a visa by the UK in May 2009. The CIA had intelligence that an unknown Nigerian was in Yemen... Read more of this article

The Real Reason GITMO Shouldn’t Be Closed

Some people are concerned that transferring terrorists from GITMO to prisons in the US is a security risk because of the possibility of escape.  Terrorists have attempted to escape from prison before. Just this month, extra security precautions were taken at an English prison, HMP Full Sutton, in East Yorkshire after discovery of an... Read more of this article

Is Blagojevich’s alleged crime an “Other Disability”

Is Governor Rod Blagojevic disabled from performing his duties as Illinois governor?  Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan asked the state Supreme Court to declare Blagojevich unfit for office. The Illinois Constitution permits removal of the governor when the governor is physically disabled, mentally disabled, or for an “other”... Read more of this article

Should the Government Regulate Sex Among Friends?

Should the government be permitted to regulate sex in your house?  What if it’s sex among a few friends?  What if your friends contribute money to the party? A private “swingers” club (sex club) called “The Cherry Pit” has been battling the City of Duncanville, Texas which is trying to close it down. ... Read more of this article

Traffic Tickets in Foreign Countries

Foreign countries have also been installing traffic cameras to record violations, probably even more so than in the US.  Some countries such as Italy, have a Limited Traffic Zone area which restricts cars from entering specific sections of the city, to reduce traffic. If you rent a car in a foreign country, you may find that the rental... Read more of this article

Computer Problems? You and Your Computer Repair Technician Could Be Arrested!

What happens when legislators write a law about a subject which they know nothing about, such as repairing computers? A Texas law enacted in 2007 turns computer technicians and consumers into criminals under certain conditions when a consumer or anyone seeks to have a computer repaired. The Texas law requires a computer technician... Read more of this article

Should a Judge’s Sexually Explicit Website Be Cause for Recusal?

A federal judge, Alex Kozinski, Presiding Judge of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, recently created a furor among legal ethics lawyers. The Los Angeles Times reported the judge admitted that he maintained a sexually explicit website with both sexually artistic photos and apparently, what some people would deem to be, pornographic... Read more of this article

Handheld Cell Phone Ban While Driving Begins in California & Washington

Drivers in the states of California and Washington will now have to use hands free cell phones while driving. Both California and Washington have enacted new laws banning hand-held cell phone use while driving. The new cell phone ban laws are effective as of July 1, 2008. California Vehicle Code Section 23123(a) prohibits drivers... Read more of this article

Unlicensed Drivers – expect to be arrested soon

Every state in the country has been cracking down on DUI over the last few years.  Blood alcohol tolerance has been lowered, penalties have been increased and enforcement has increased.  Why it took so long and so many people to be killed for this to happen is the subject of another article.  Because so many injuries and deaths are... Read more of this article

Is Governor Spitzer’s Sex Crime an Abuse of Office?

Soon to be former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been compared several times on TV news to James “Jim” McGreevey, the former governor of New Jersey.  However, this is not a good analogy. It is generally reported that Jim McGreevey left office three months after admitting that he had had an extramarital affair with... Read more of this article

Dropping Off a Baby, yet another case of lying about something that isn’t a crime

A taxi driver was charged yesterday with the crime of filing a false police report after the cabdriver dropped off a baby at a firehouse. The cab driver claimed that a passenger abandoned the baby in his taxi when he left to make a telephone call and never returned. It was later determined that the taxi driver and his girlfriend came... Read more of this article

Why Did Roger Clemens Testify?

I was watching CNN yesterday waiting to see Roger Clemens testify. I was stunned when Committee Chairman Henry Waxman stated in his opening statement that he intended to conclude the hearings without the testimony of Roger Clemens. Chairman Waxman said that he agreed to continue the hearings only because Roger Clemens’ lawyers... Read more of this article

Leniency for Michael Vick – what were his chances for leniency?

Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison. Could he have been sentenced to a shorter time or even probation? In a written letter to the judge pleading for leniency, Michael Vick stated “I am not the bad person or beast I’ve been made out to be.” He also stated, “I take full responsibility for my actions... Read more of this article

Barry Bonds Indictment – How to Defend?

Ryan Smith, a sports attorney and host at BET TV, said on CNN today that the indictment of Barry Bonds seemed to have come out of left field. He said that he was surprised because it has been two years since the investigation started. It is not uncommon for FBI investigations to take two or three years. All of the FBI investigations... Read more of this article

Charge OJ with kidnapping. Good idea?

Prosecutors charged OJ with kidnapping after his arrest for an alleged sports memorabilia heist in Las Vegas. Today, at a preliminary hearing, a judge ruled that prosecutors presented sufficient evidence for OJ to stand trial on all charges including kidnapping. How are prosecutors able to charge OJ with kidnapping when he tried to... Read more of this article

How to Get Arrested

I just saw a video taken from a police car video camera of the arrest of a 15-year-old Florida girl who violated her curfew. Struggling with the police officer, she ended up getting pepper sprayed and added a new charge of resisting arrest. Some people seem to think that this was an abuse of force, but the police officer acted appropriately.... Read more of this article

Detecting Motorists Driving While Intoxicated or While Impaired

A guide to assist police officers to detect motorists driving while intoxicated or while impaired was created through research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The DUI – DWI detection guide includes training materials with video to instruct police officers and is also useful for DUI lawyers. The DWI detection... Read more of this article


A Few Days in a Hotel in Exchange for Two Years in Prison

How many days in a hotel would you want for two years in prison? ... 

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A Few Days in a Hotel in Exchange for Two Years in Prison

How many days in a hotel would you want for two years in prison? ... 

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