Lindsay Lohan Video Shows the Crucial Moment

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A third segment of the Lindsay Lohan jewelry store video aired on TV tonight which showed Lindsay leaving the store, the crucial moment of the jewelry store video.

The following can be seen in this last segment of the video:

  1. Lindsay picks up the necklace from the counter;
  2. Lindsay puts on the necklace;
  3. The jewelry store clerk opens a draw and picks up another necklace to show Lindsay;
  4. The jewelry store clerk is holding the other necklace and is looking at Lindsay as she puts on the necklace she wore out of the store;
  5. Lindsay turns to her left appearing to face a mirror to look at the necklace;
  6. Lindsay turns around to face her companion as if to show her companion what the necklace looks like on her neck;
  7. The jewelry store clerk is still looking at Lindsay and nods in approval;
  8. The jewelry store clerk, Lindsay and her companion are all seen, from a different camera, exiting the store.  The jewelry store clerk is seen unlocking the door and happily conversing with Lindsay and her companion as she lets them out of the store.
  9. The jewelry store clerk is now seen locking the door and walking towards the camera.

This segment of the surveillance video clearly shows that:

  1. Lindsay clearly knew she was wearing the necklace;
  2. She did not surreptitiously take the necklace with intent to hide it;
  3. The jewelry store clerk had to have known that Lindsay was still wearing the necklace.
  4. If the jewelry store clerk forgot that once he had the necklace, she would have realized that upon returning to the display case but she is not seen running outside after Lindsay after having returned to the display case.

The jewelry store surveillance video can only be a big help to Lindsay Lohan.  Without other compelling evidence, the prosecution will have a difficult time and it will be interesting to watch this trial.

This article is the second of my two observations.  Please see my first observation concerning the Lindsay Lohan jewelry store surveillance video.

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